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How We Work

Our design–build two part process makes upgrading your home convenient and enjoyable from start to finish.

Design Process

1. Consultation »

Set up an in-home consultation for us to meet in your home to get to know each other and discuss the challenges and opportunities your project may present. Our designer will spend some time learning about your lifestyle, décor likes and dislikes, what you love about your home and what you hate about your home. She will take measurements and go over some basic material ideas. She will also discuss basic budget parameters at this time so that she has a framework to work within when making design decisions and selecting materials - providing value-benefit analysis from the very beginning to ensure that you have the best possible design and products within your allotted budget.

2. Evaluation »

We’ll meet again, this time at our Design Center, for a complimentary design presentation where we’ll go over the ideas we’ve created for your space. We’ll discuss room layout options, different cabinet finishes, various flooring and countertop materials, and the reasons why we think they’re the perfect fit for both your home function and your budget. We’ll go over our preliminary estimate for the materials we’ve selected as well as a basic budget for the Contractor labor to get the job done. As we near the end of this presentation, we’ll have a chance to review how well we “fit” together as Designer and Client and go over our Retainer Agreement options to determine the route that best matches your needs. This initial consultation is free and we tailor our services and fees individually to each client's needs based on where you are at in your project. We can help with design solutions only, both design and material selections, or concept-to-completion design, material, and installation labor.

  • Lead times: It usually takes us 5 to 7 working days to design and estimate a project. If your project needs to be designed before that time, a non-refundable fee of $125 is requested.

3. Agree: Retainer agreement »

Once we’ve agreed that our team and your family are a good fit for working together, we request a Design Retainer for the anticipated design time relative to the size of your project. This commitment allows us to spend valuable time further developing your project. The retainer deposit may be fully credited toward the purchase price of your remodel materials, depending on the route we’ve agreed is best for your project needs.   

4. Development »

This is where the fun really gets going! Now it’s time to fully mature your project and come up with a final layout as well as create complete drawings and specifications, then narrow down material selections – choosing the exact cabinet style, finish, fixtures, flooring, hardware, countertops, etc and how they will be applied. We will also send out our sub-contractors to walk through your home and review the plans in order to verify the full extent of the labor involved and create an estimated time schedule for the project. We pride ourselves on providing extremely professional attention to detail during the design process so that there will be less surprises once we reach the construction / installation phase. We’re creative, flexible, and value oriented! When we are finished with this phase, you will have a full vision of how your new space will look and all the details will be laid out and ready for a written contract as we head into the construction phase.

  • Lead times: This process can take anywhere from a week to a few months depending on the size of the project, details involved, and the changes made.

5. Finish & Build »

Now that we’ve finalized your design, we can move into the Build or Construction phase in a variety of ways:

  • We can set up a contract to purchase the materials only and you can have your own contractors install or you can install yourself.
  • We can set up a contract to purchase materials and also handle the project management - working with your chosen contractors to oversee the material deliveries, schedules, and ensure that your contractors are proceeding according to the design plan with our team members available to answer any questions that may come up during the installation process.
  • Most commonly, we can set up a contract to be your General Contractor for the project – taking charge of the entire build phase from materials purchase and delivery, to providing and supervising all of the sub-contractors from demo to completion to ensure that the project is done according to plan.

General Contractor Build Process

If you’ve decided to engage our team for the Construction phase, then we continue on this journey with all of our team members who have been with you from the beginning in the design phase. We take all of the details we’ve designed and materials we’ve selected and create a Home Improvement Contract that describes the entire scope of work and labor in detail so there is no confusion and we are all on the same page. 

1. Contract »

We take all of the details we’ve designed and materials we’ve selected and create a Home Improvement Contract that describes the entire scope of work and labor in detail so there is no confusion and we are all on the same page. We ask for a deposit to begin and the Retainer Fee that you gave to us in the Design Phase is applied to the total contract price.

2. Prep & Order »

Now our office staff gets going to begin ordering products and writing work orders. The office and design team will work together to create a calendar for material delivery dates and sub-contractor schedules. Lead times will vary depending on the nature of the item ordered – custom products will take longer than ready-made products. We aim to receive your materials before we start your demo so that there will be no delays once we are working in your home. We will also begin applying for any necessary city or county permits at this time. Although this time period may seem quiet on your side, rest assured that it is a busy time on our side getting everything prepped for your home transformation. Your project will be scheduled and installation started as soon as your cabinetry and other products have arrived.

3. Walk-through & Pre-construction Meeting »

Shortly before demo, we have a meeting in your home with all of the principle parties (your family members, designer, lead contractors, etc) to review the final plan and calendar, address any site issues that we foresee, set the expectations for both our crew and yourselves as homeowners, install signage to identify the site, go over any lingering questions before the transformation begins, and double check that we are all set up for success!

4. Installation Process »

Our professional installers work under the direction of your designer / project manager throughout the entire project ensuring that the remodel conforms to our exact design specifications. We work on your project until its picture perfect, overseeing all of the sub-contractors through an orchestrated series of events from demolition to cleanup, following up with materials deliveries, and scheduling inspections. Depending on the size of your project, this process can take a few days to a few months or even a year, so we aim to develop relationships and work closely as a team with homeowners and sub-contractors alike, as we’ll be seeing a lot of each other! Our team recognizes that we are working in your living space so, while there are going to be inconveniences for both your family and our crew, our goal is to minimize those disruptions and find ways to make this a smooth and pleasant experience so that you can enjoy your new space as quickly as possible. Even though almost every remodel project encounters some sort of unforeseen obstacle that requires problem-solving, a qualified contractor can make sure that this doesn’t cause any major drama. We lean on over 30 years of experience to deal with almost any situation that may come up, so you can rest-assured that there is very little we cannot handle. Our team members are well trained, professional, and trustworthy and we daily show up to your home eager to reveal possibilities you’ve never imagined!

5. Action List / Finish Line »

As we near the end of the remodel, your designer / project manager will walk through the new space carefully inspecting all of the components and finishes to create an “Action List” of items that need to be attended to prior to crossing the finish line! This way we ensure that no detail is neglected and your home is the best that it can be!

6. Celebration »

Our last step is a celebration walk-through with you! Together we tour everything we have created and celebrate with pictures, hors d’oeuvres and wine! There is nothing we value more than a happy client that in turn recommends us to family and friends. Because seventy-five percent of our business comes from referrals, we greatly appreciate if you pass our card along!

7. Warranty / Satisfaction Guaranteed »

Our job doesn’t end at the celebration -- We provide you with the manufacturers’ warranties for all of the products installed in your house. We also carry our own warranty on workmanship and the project’s components for one full year from completion, ensuring that all the systems we have provided are functioning properly. We personally handle any problems or issues that may arise, understanding that our reputation is built on our excellent customer service.

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